CEO Excitement

CEO Excitement

Good Morning,

Last week we received our very first assortment of Imagination Kingdom greeting cards. The excitement in realizing dreams do come to fruition has lingered throughout the hectic week and into today’s post!

CEO and artist of Imagination Kingdom, B. Fort, says, “It was just mere months ago the idea of putting my art on a greeting card was taken as a serious notion.” As he works the overnight shift, taking online art classes, coaching high school sports, all while nurturing his woman with love, he has composed us into phenomenal partners and hence, a family company has taken shape. He reflects a sense of gratitude in us, his team, his family. But not before we face honest trials of compromise and cooperation; “During late night disagreements of sentence structure, proper tenses, and color schemes, opportunities arose. Now, a machine is in place that will allow us to give freely of ourselves.”

Our mission is to facilitate and enhance relationship building, while, for generations, provide a memorable greeting card experience by cultivating daily valuable connections. We want every one of your days to be special. We encourage the effort in being recognized. Because who wouldn’t enjoy receiving a greeting card saying “thank you for always smiling when I see you”? Whether it is someone dear to you, a co-worker, or a familiar stranger, a simple thanks is a gesture we believe must become necessary. We feel appreciation should always be given and intend to ignite opportunities for such customary acknowledgment.

We are blessed to be a family of unique individuals who are capable of coming together in the name of giving, recognition, and appreciation. Although B. Fort sits at the head of the table of this company, he reassures us of our mission regularly by reminding us that the real wealth lies within those who help grow and support the Imagination Kingdom.

Pause. Rewind.

Enjoy your week and thank you, for being you.


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