Humble Beginnings


So, let’s be honest. Starting something new takes courage; right? Courage to make serious decisions in unfamiliar commitments. Courage in believing every step taken is for the benefit of the next decision we are faced to make.

Sometimes cueing your backbone takes muscle.

After receiving our first batch of greeting cards, we bent the pre-creased folds of every card, braced each one with a chocolate linen envelope, tactfully packaged, and tied bows with intention to drape our statement with a, yes, rich chocolate colored ribbon. I’m telling you, we are working together and hard for these details to mean just as much to you and our clients as they do for us.

We experienced our first vending opportunity on the UC Irvine campus for the Dancer In Me Worship & Arts Conference last weekend. We mingled. We spieled. We gained incredible on the spot feedback regarding the clarity of our message, which heightens our hunger to continue this pursuit while allowing our combined determination to lead our quest. We sold enough box sets to break even in our costs, which truly feels like a blessing we weren’t expecting to surface just yet. Thankful, nonetheless. We are keeping steady progress it seems, so we feel we must be on a favored path.

You see, we have sworn to be faithful to each other, our brand, and our clients. We make sure our production is thorough and pure so our efforts remain wholehearted.

There is courage in our stride.

Pause. Rewind.

Have a beautiful, new week.


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