Imagining the Journey

Imagining the Journey

Saturday night blessed Imagination Kingdom by allowing us to witness the epitome of the movement we are creating. The Chocolate and Art Show at KGB Studios in the unseasoned industrial area of crisp Downtown Los Angeles granted the bloom of this moment. While watching bold-hearted art lovers devour every chocolate drenched snack generously provided by the venue, we sold close to 50 greeting cards during our two day vending opportunity. It was our very last customer who unequivocally fulfilled our weekend.

She stood in front of our table, soaking in the sentiment of our current life work, and couldn’t resist sharing how seemingly obsolete sending greeting cards are in this day and age. She then laced her opinion with encouragement, emphasizing to keep our product alive and “in the mix”. She appealingly fiddled with the ribbon of the bow, held the product with one hand, to then pass it to the other, allowing herself a complete experience. She smiled and repeated her initial encouragement, placed the packaged set of cards back on the table, and walked towards our neighboring vendor. We inhaled. Began to process the truth and excitement she exuded, but not before we saw her race back to us with such intention. She decided to make a purchase. She paused. Then rewound. We exhaled. It was a true vision to witness her imagining the journey of giving an Imagination Kingdom greeting card.

Pause. Rewind.

Double takes are something like collectibles.


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