And a Brownie for Dessert

Our creative directors, husband and wife, run a monthly open mic and poetry showcase called the Bakery Poetry Lounge in North Hollywood, Ca. After one of the events Mr. Bakery unofficially met a homeless man laying asleep in front of a Carls Jr. He slept as comfortable as he could with shoes for pillows and a jacket for a blanket. Next to this man was an empty can of Hormel beans, which was obviously dinner. This situation was unfortunate and for some reason seeing this man sound asleep on the floor, uncomfortably comfortable, tugged at some heart strings. The show left a portion of the baked good unsold, allowing Mr. Bakery to give him a left over brownie. Because the man was well into his sleep, without waking him Mr. Bakery placed the brownie beside him, next to the can of beans, prayed and wished him well. It’s often wondered how he received the brownie and if he did enjoy it, we hope it was with a smile.

Pause. Rewind.

Saluting Americas fallen soldiers, active service members, veterans, and military families today.


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